The Zijlsloep

A catboat or cat-rigged sailboat is a sailing vessel characterized by a single mast carried well forward (typically near its bow). Generally a catboat has a light and shallow draft hull, wide beam approximately half its length, is gaff rigged, and carries a centreboard. This definition is copied from the IT1ME encyclopedia, where you will find many explanations of the models parts. With the new Zijlsloep you return to the model of the sailing cat-rigged lifeboat (zeilsloep in Dutch): spacious, stable and not too big. Keywords are relax, quiet and ease of use.

The Zijlsloep has all the convenience of a modern ship: stiff maintenance-poor hull, lots of storage space, top materials.

Zijlsloep 510 BasicThe Zijlsloep is built as a double-ender sailing lifeboat with an an outboard rudder, which is serviced using a teak tiller. The classic wide S-shaped hull with a lengthwise keel does away with a separate keel or centreboard. Because of this design the Zeilsloep can be transported on a low trailer. The keel makes it possible to run dry in tidal areas. The engine is fully protected against bottom collisions by keel and rudder.

The hull is available in a choice of colours. The sun deck is an optional extra, familiar from the non-sailing 'sloep' (or civilian lifeboat), to allow passengers to stretch comfortably across the front benches. This feature is standard on the Classic model.

The Zijlsloep is a category CE-C ship, contrary to most sloops and small sailing boats. It can handle coastal waters, bays, river estuaries, lakes and rivers. It will handle winds up to 6 bft and waves to 2 m.

In short

Under sail, on engine power or at anchor, the Zijlsloep is a ship that couples comfort to quality, environmental awareness and reasonable pricing. Try it out on the water. You'll be amazed.